tiscos culture

Our employees are our biggest asset. We provide an environment where every individual in our company gets the ability to learn and to grow. We believe that employees need such a freedom to deliver excellent results for our clients. In our company we have people that are on one side technicians that know how to solve technical problems. On the other side they have the right skills and mindset to be project leaders.


Tisco believes that delivering excellent results for our customers is a keypoint for a long lasting successful partnership. To deliver these outstanding results we believe in the empowerment of our people.


Our people are our strongest assets. For our people we provide an open culture, where everybody can learn and flourish. With this mindset in place we can find the best talents that help our clients to strive for excellence.

Company structure

This is our subsidiary company for web apps and mobile apps.


These guys rock. With this subsidiary company we have people on board that can solve nearly every technical problem. We are proud to have them on board.



There is nothing that makes us more proud than to hear positive feedback of our clients.

Why tisco

tisco is your reliable partner in a digitalized world

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