tisco officially registered the trademark Agile Migration. Agile Migration is a concept that helps customers in transforming their IT landscape efficiently during a merger & acquistion

Agile Migration is a trademark of tisco that we now officially registered. Within a merger & acquisition project of 2 major telecommunication companies we faced a very challenging problem. The goal of the companies was to consolidate their IT infrastructure within a short amount of time. Besides this they still had to launch new products and the migration of the infrastructure had to be done with no customer impact. A so called Big Bang scenario was therefore unfeasible. The risk of data errors, downtime of the whole infrastructure as well as the financial risk was way too high. Within this project we created the concept of an Agile Migration. The core of this concept is to minimize the risk of a merger and to give our customers a prediction model how many of their customers can be migrated within a certain amount of time. At the end the migration took place over months without disturbing any of the running business, without any downtime and during normal working hours with a very precise and plannable forecast.