About the project

We are not just expertes for Project Management, Business Development, Product Development and Business Analysis. Within our genes we never lose the pleasure to make something geeky. You possible know the saying: It always seems impossible until ist done. This is exactly the storyline of this project. We have a passion for Smarthomes. Most of the suppliers for smarthome hardware use proprietary protocols which cannot be connected easily to existing standards, such as KNX. This is something we wanted to change. One of the big producers of smarthome hardware from the US had in our view the problem that his hardware could not be connected to KNX, which is a tremendous problem if you want to tackle the European Market. We searched for a solution and could not find one worldwide. So we started to program a driver for this producer on our own. Within a few thousand working hours we created a driver that finally worked seamlessly with KNX. Currently this driver is used in a few thousand projects worldwide.